How To Get Traffic With Solo Ads Advertising?

Every blog owner or affiliate marketer wants to attract visitors that convert and generate revenue. If you are an established expert in your niche, most probably you have a list of subscribers, but what about if you just started? There are some solutions for a new website or blog and let’s see what a solo ad is and how to get traffic with solo ads advertising. Do you think that if you just create a brand new website, you will get visitors in an instant? No, don’t dream. You will get traffic to your website if you do some marketing….

How To Fix Facebook Website Thumbnail When Sharing A Post

Today I will tackle a subject which lately gave headaches. I don’t know how many of you guys have faced this issue, but lately, I was struggling with it. I usually create new posts on my website and then I share them on social media, but for some unknown reason(s), the post image was not displayed on Facebook. After a good deal of research, I find out the solution. Let’s see together how to fix Facebook website thumbnail when sharing a post. You will be surprised, as I was, to hear that many users are facing this issue and if…