Hey and Welcome to Build Affiliates Success. My name is Dany, founder of this website.

A Brief Look In Time

I am a tech person, passionate about computers.

While continue reading, I don’t want you to think that I share with you my professional carrier, it’s not a resume, I want you to understand why I took the decision that ‘9 to 5’ is not working anymore.

Like may of us, when I start my professional carrier, the sky was the limit. I was young and full of hopes.

I got my first job, which was like accommodation with the office work, after years spend on the University’s seats.

I remember that I was really trilled and I was sharing with my friends the experience of having a job, no more courses and labs to attend.

After a short while, I change the job. Again hips of joy that this job is the job of my life and I’ll get the pension from this job.

Another years went and I changed the job again. The perspective of climbing professionally was showing her face. I start learning new things, attending trainings and taking certifications.

With all these new tools in my hands, I was promoted. After the excitement period, I got bored and I start feeling that I hit the wall and I want to do more, so, I think by now you know what I did: change the job again with the same hopes that it’s the job of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, but I liked what I was doing, I was able and capable of more.

The ugly face of being on the top showed her real side. Working long hours, sometimes not payed, trying to prove myself and the others that I’m the best in the position which I occupied, I know what I do and I deserve it.

The company took a different direction which was not matching my plans. New job, again, work hard to prove what I can, but unfortunately the financial crises hit us and the company cut the funds. Many of my colleagues including myself, we have had to go out and start looking for a job.

This time I was trying to find a job to survive. The competition and market were tough and the recruiters were taking advantage of this. The pay was way less. I’ve been to so many interviews that I stop counting.

I was rejected because I have had too much experience and then I applied to jobs under my experience. Again I was rejected. All this experiences took 2 years.

I also have tried freelancing without too much good results.

I was looking behind and I knew that I have to provide food for my family. I have decided to expand my searches outside of the country. I have applied for jobs way under my experience, but I could not buy food with my professional experience and pride.

Finally, I was accepted to a job and I moved.

For couple of years I worked in a job position where I was not able to apply nothing from my past experience and it was nothing what I liked.

The travel time back and forth every day to/from office, the traffic jams, the frustrations just eroded me.

I was taught by my parents to learn hard, take good grades and to get a well payed job. But, this was working on their times, not now.

The Turning Point

The turning point was when one of my friends posted in his Facebook account a link form Robert Kiyosaki approaching summit. It was a 2 full days’ summit with success stories of self-made millionaire.

I start searching a bit about Robert Kiyosaki as I never heard about him before. I’ve attended the summit. Guys, after the summit my head was literally hurting of that much information and possibilities to generate income.

I start searching for his books, some I bought by myself, some rented. It was like an eye-opener. I start reading books in this area and I was more and more convinced that it’s possible to became financially independent.

I took the decision that I have to do something else to earn money, no more 9 to 5, no more Rat Race. No more renting my knowledge and time in exchange of a monthly income and a title on a business card. I want to do what I like.

In the summit, Anik Singal presented his tool Inbox Blueprint. As I was aware about Email Marketing as I’m Inobound Marketing certified by Hubspot, I study it a bit and I decided to buy the product.

I start my journey in Email Marketing. I was so excited, learning new things and discovered so many people which succeeded.

Being a tech person, I was able to set up and configure my future business to be. I will not go into details right now, I will write in a blog post, but the conclusion is that it was not what I was looking for.

I start my searches again until I found Wealthy Affiliate and it is Free to join.

It’s a really great platform and a helpful community. I start following the training and building my website.

Why I Want To Help You

I want to share my experiences and steps which I’ve taken and I hope will help you to build the financial freedom. I will be honest and tell you that making money online it’s hard. You will hear too many people telling you that in fact it’s really easy only to promote and sell their products.

I will recommend using Wealthy Affiliate and I will not say that you will succeed. All depends on you, how much time and effort you will invest to build your business.

I start building my business with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, I’m not making a 4-figure per month yet, but I managed to generate revenue.

The good thing is that it is Fee to get started.

My Advice For You

You can make money online only with hard work and dedication. As I told you, it’s not easy, but it’s possible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

All the best,



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