Create Website With WordPress and WA

Maybe you have a passion and what to share it, but you need a website. You want to create a website but you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you to want to turn your passion into a thriving Internet business.

But, how to create a website with WordPress?

OK, I’m here to help you and to guide you. Don’t panic, you don’t need any development or design skills.

The steps which I will share today with you are easy to follow and even the non-technical person can follow and apply.

So let’s dive in.

The 3 steps you have to do before you start creating your website.

As I like Wealthy Affiliate and I’m a premium member, I want to show how easy is to create a website.

Step1 – Domain

First question – What is a domain?

When you open a website, in the top of your browser window a URL is displayed, the one that starts with ‘https://’. The second part is the domain name.

A domain name has two components: top-level and second level domain. Look at this example: – YOURDOMAIN is the second level domain and .com is the top-level domain.

The purpose of a domain is to give an address for your website.

The most popular domain extension You may select a different extension if you want to develop a local business (e.g., ) or if you plan to build a more specific business like .org,.info, Etc.

And here you have some options to choose from:

1. You can create an absolutely FREE domain with SiteRubix. If you want to know more about SiteRubix check my article.

2. Or you can buy one.

The minimum amount to be paid is $13 and the domain is your property for 1 year. You can easily extend the availability for how many years you want.

Let’s see what the best domain registrar is. The comparison is made for a .com domain.


First-year price: $11.99 with discount (original price $14.99). Second-year onwards, the price is $14.99.

Of course, you want to protect your details and, you will pay $7.99 in the first year. From the second year onwards, the price is $9.99.

Total price to be paid: $25.20


First-year price: $12.95 with discount (original price $15.99). Second-year onwards, the price is $14.99.

Privacy Protection will cost you $14.95 in the first year. From the second year onwards, the price is $9.99

Total price to be paid: $27.90

Wealthy Affiliate

All time price: $13. For the first year and onwards you pay the same price. AND, the privacy protection is included in this price. Awesome, right?

Step 2 – Website

I will give you three options for you from where to decide. Nice, right?

1. On a free domain

With one easy click, you create your FREE domain in a few seconds and FREE website. You are up and running in minutes.

SiteRubix is powered by which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable.

Enter a title for the website and then choose a design for your website.

If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have thousands of available themes.

2. On a domain you own

Same steps as the previous point, with the only exception, that you already have a domain.

3. Register a domain

Decide on a domain name based on your passion/hobbies and use the search bar to find out if it’s available.

The domain will cost you $13 for one year, but you can choose to pay for one or two years.

Step 3 – Hosting

Now you have your domain and website, BUT you are still not ready to go.

You need a hosting provider.

This is a really great comparison when it’s about web hosting.

For a website, you need both: domain and hosting. The people will find you by your domain name, but you need to host all your website content and here the hosting enters in the scene.

Create Your Website

This is the most exciting part.

In our modern and super technological era, you don’t need programming or web design skills to create a website.

I want to share the easiest and rapid way to create your website and performing the 3 steps mentioned above in just one place and in minutes.

Step 1– With the help of SiteBuilder, just select your new domain.

Step 2 – Choose a domain name from the drop-down list

Having only one domain, you will see just that domain.

Step 3 – Select a title for your website.

Having your domain register with Wealthy Affiliate has many advantages: in the price of $13 for a domain you have privacy protection, hosting and SSL certificate included.

No extra fees, all in one price which I think it’s more than you can expect.

Advantages Having Your Domain

You remember that I was saying that there are two types of domains which you can use: a free domain and buy one.

Here are some advantages of having your domain:

1. Your site will rank better

2. You have a large variety of themes to change compared with a free domain

3. You can quickly monetize your website using promotional banners, Google AdSense and so on

4. You are the sole owner of your domain and content

5. You can choose the desired extension based on your goals (.com, .net, .info, etc.)

6. You can quickly promote your website using publicity systems like Google AdSense or Facebook Ads. These services are offered only to proprietary domains

7. Your site will look more professional using the available plugins and widgets

8. The internet users prefer a person-own domain, it gives more professional feeling and a feeling of trust

9. The domain is your property and, it can be quickly sold

Why WordPress?

1. It’s an absolutely FREE platform having thousands of themes to choose from. There are lots of plugins to try and install.

2. It’s user-friendly – do you know to work with Microsoft Word? If so, WordPress is its brother

3. You can quickly create a personal website or a business website

4. The themes are designed to be responsive which means that your website will look good on all mobile devices

5. Great and big community to search for help

WordPress Dashboard

After you successfully log in to your WordPress area, the Dashboard is displayed.

Now you can change the title of your website. Just select the Settings option and update Site Title field.

As you can see, you can edit the Tagline as well, if you want.

In case, you want to change the language, the default language is English, just select the Settings option from the left side and select Site Language option. From the drop-down list just select the desired language.

How To Change The WebsiteTheme

There are some easy steps to follow if you want to change your website theme.

Select Appearance option from the left side and then Themes option.

You will see some default installed themes and you can select one from the popular themes.

Just select one, try it and if you like it, just keep it. If you do not like, change it.

You can change your theme whenever you want.

Now you are ready to write amazing content for your website and why not generate revenue.

Ready To Create Your First Website?

Selecting Wealthy Affiliate to create your website has lots of advantages. For a small price, you have a domain, hosting, privacy protection and SSL certificate in one place.

Nowadays, creating a website is a child work. With several clicks, you build your website with no development and design skills.

I hope you enjoyed the article if so, give it a LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.

Happy to hear your thoughts.


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Comments (10)

  1. What a lovely post Dany. I am a WA member myself and I got to say this program is amazing. The training they give to you are very helpful and everyone in the community are willing to help you when you get stuck along your journey. I would definitely recommend this program if you want to build a passive income.

    1. Hello,

      I must agree with you. The platform and the community are amazing. You have all the necessary tools and training to start building your website.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. This is a great post! Sometimes its difficult to know where to start since there are so many options! Thank you for breaking it down in such an easy way to follow!

    1. Thank you, Christina. And you’re welcome.
      I agree, there are so many options available on the market and sometimes it’s hard to decide which solution suits you most.
      But with Wealthy Affiliate you will never get wrong 🙂

  3. Fantastic article I was searching the web looking to create a website but didn’t know where to start. I came across your article and must say very informative. I wasn’t aware I would need a domain and a hosting platform but It looks really easy to do. I like the idea of wealthy Affiliate and I’m going to be giving it a try.
    Thank you so much for the great article.

    1. Thank you, David for your comment.Wealthy Affiliate has all the necessary tools to build and start your online business.
      You can choose the starter membership. Give it a try, it’s worth it.
      I’m a premium member and I never regret the day when I joined 🙂

    1. Indeed, the price is $49/mo if you opt to pay monthly, but I choose the yearly payment of $359. Just image, if you choose yearly option, you pay only $29.9/mo, which it’s a real deal 🙂

  4. Dany,
    If you are looking to build more than one website for affiliate marketing or other online business, WA is a perfect way to start. They can help you choose a niche, build a website and promote it to produce money making traffic. There are a lot of though choices when you are first starting out, building a free website that you can transfer your work to a domain you own at any time is a great way to start with little or no dollar output.
    Thanks for your information on how to get started.

    1. Thank you, John.
      WA helped me and continue help me day by day. Following the most compressive training, I was able to build in website in minutes. It’s just amazing how easy to it.
      That’s why I’ve decided to share it

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