How To Use Grammarly And Improve Your Writing Skills

I don’t know about you, but I write content every day and to ensure that the content is free of grammar spellings I use Grammarly. I was checking for a good tool to check my grammar and spelling, and I stumbled in Grammarly. Today, I will explain how to use Grammarly, the online grammar checker.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Grammarly?

2. How Does It Work?

3. Human Proofreader

4. Plagiarism

5. Weekly Report

6. Pricing

7. Why Choose Premium?

8. Grammarly Products

9. Grammarly Services

10. Final Thoughts

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an app that checks your text and detects eventual grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes. The online grammar checker was developed by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn and released in 2009. The Grammarly is available as an app in Android and iOS.

Grammarly is your friend whenever you need it. You can use Grammarly to check the spelling of anything you write, for personal or professional purpose. When you check your content, the tool offers content specific and precise suggestions. I use Grammarly when writing in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

How Does It Work?

Before starting the grammar checks, you set up your goals which means setting the following features: intent, audience, style, emotion, and domain. You may ask why and what are these features? When you set these options, the tool will scan your text for grammar mistakes and will give you precise and context related suggestions.

Grammarly goals set up for helpful suggestions
Set up Grammarly goals

Each option from the goal set up has different settings. Let’s take them one by one.

The Intent option has the following available values: inform, describe, convince, tell a story.

Audience option has the following available values: general, knowledgeable, expert.

Style option has the following available values: formal and informal.

Emotion option has the following available values: mild and strong.

Domain option has the following available values: general, academic, business, creative, casual.

As you can see, if you define your writing goals, Grammarly will give you the best possible suggestions in regards with to grammar checking.

Another useful feature is performance. Based on your goals, the tool will give a percentage value of the text compared with other texts checked by Grammarly.

Word count is another metric, and the tool will count the number of words, characters, and sentences used in the text. Reading time and speaking time is also approximated for the checked text.

The last metric is readability. Your text is compared with other Grammarly users text, and relevant metrics are displayed (e.g., average, above average, etc.). You can find information regarding word length, sentence length, and readability score.

In the end, a summary is displayed giving you information about the audience and readability based on the text analysis.

You are able to download a FREE report about the text performance. I find it quite interesting and motivating as I can improve my writing skills based on historical reports.

The text is checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, fluency, variety, vocabulary and a good deal of other metrics. Each of the metrics has a number of associates which relates to the errors found, and when you correct the error, the number decreases. In the same time, the performance parameter increases.

Human Proofreader

As a writer, you also want to proofread your content and Grammarly has this option. You will have three options to choose from in regards to your delivery time: 24 hours, 30 hours and 30 minutes. This service is not free, there is a fee for each of the options, respectively $4.75, $11.40 and $14.25. This is a small investment in your content, it’s there for you.


This is another useful option. When using it, your text is checked against all the online content from the internet. In case your text matches an existing content, you will get the percentage and the sources which match with your piece of text. If the text is created by you, there are still possibilities that a small percentage of plagiarism can be captured. You may ask why? Because the common sentences are used by others and there are big chances that others used them before you.


For example, ‘I hope you enjoyed the article ‘, ‘I would love to hear your thoughts just’. In a text where you have ‘I would love to hear your thoughts just’, it generates itself 35% matches with other texts. The source of the text is provided, and I think this is a good way to ensure your text is 100% unique.

I use this option with all my content, and I’m confident that my content is unique.

Weekly Report

Each week I receive a weekly report about my writing which I find it very motivated. It tells me how productive, accurate

I was and how many unique words I have used in comparison with other Grammarly users. The top 3 mistakes report is also available like missing period, missing comma.

At the end of the report, some tips and stories are shared. You can find useful information, and you can improve your future writing.


When I start using Grammarly, I used the FREE version, but after some weeks of usage, I discover that I cannot access some of the suggested improvements because were available only on the Premium version. As I write daily, I decided to upgrade to Premium.

There are three available plans: monthly, quarterly and annual. Personally, I choose the annual plan because it offers the best value for my needs.

Choose one of the Grammarly plans: monthly, quarterly or annual
Grammarly Plans and Pricing

Why Choose Premium?

Let’s have a closer look at Premium membership. Grammarly will check grammar (e.g., incorrect verb tense), punctuation (e.g., missing comma), sentence structure (e.g., missing verb) and style (e.g., passive voice) at a deeper level.

Since I use the Premium version, I improve my writing skills and week after week I can see in the weekly report how my writing is improving. Without Grammarly, I have made many mistakes, and I know this because I checked my old texts with Grammarly.

Take a look at the FREE vs. Premium versions.

Compare the Grammarly FREE and Premium accounts
Grammarly FREE vs. Premium membership

Grammarly Products

You thought that this is all that this tool can offer? Don’t hurry to jump to a conclusion, there is more. Grammarly is very versatile, and it has some amazing products from which you can benefit.

1. Grammarly for MS Office

Downloaded for FREE and check your grammar in your MS Office Word document. As a bonus, the add-in is integrated with Outlook.

2. Grammarly for Windows

You just install the add-in, and it will be displayed on your desktop. Whenever you need open a document or project, just drag and drop the file you like to be checked by Grammarly.

3. Grammarly for FireFox

Last but not least, the FREE FireFox browser extension helps you write like a pro when using Gmail, Facebook, WordPress and any web source you write.

Grammarly Services

The last goodies of Grammarly are coming under the following services:

1. Grammarly EDU

This amazing service will help students to improve writing grades and writing confidence. As a customer of this service, Grammarly will give access to grammar tutorials and paper support. This service can be purchased by colleges, universities, professional education institutions, middle and high schools.

The EDU service has available the same products and features presented above.


2. Grammarly Business

This service will help an entire team by building trust and confidence, not to mention the collaboration and efficiency. The service provides an admin console which makes easy to monitor the team engagement and the subscriptions.

The Business service has available the same products and features presented above. Because the product is design for teams, additional features are available. An admin user is provided along with the user management which offers privacy and security. When you face an issue, your ticket sent to Grammarly support will have priority, that means that your team will be unblocked and able to carry on with the assigned tasks.

This service has a monthly subscription fee for each member. At the moment writing this pots, the fess is $15.

3. Handbook

The last service, handbook where lots of helpful tips in regards to grammar, punctuation, mechanics, techniques, and style are available for users.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a full view of what Grammarly app can do for you. The app will check your text and detect possible mistakes in regards to spelling, grammar, punctuation and much more. There is also a Premium membership available which I personally use, and since I started using it, I improved my writing skills.

Grammarly also offers you products and services from you can benefit, like add-ins for Microsoft Office, Windows and FireFox, services for education and your team and let’s not forget the handbook, all the tips you need for your writing. You can install Grammarly browser extension for Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Edge.

What tool do you think I use to check my article for grammar mistakes? I hope you enjoyed the article, please give it a LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.


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Comments (20)

  1. This will be the first time I’m coming across a blog post on grammerly. Most importantly the fact that the grammar checker was developed by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn and released in 2009. Though, I also use this app occasionally for my assignments in school, it’s really helpful. Your blog post is really educative and highly explanatory.


    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you find it useful. I use it every day, in my professional or personal content. It helps me a lot and I like the suggestions provided in the weekly report.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. This is a great insight into the benefits of using Grammarly. That being said, I had used Grammarly for some time in my Chrome browser but decided to remove it because it was causing me too many problems. For instance, there were a few online tools I would use that, when typing, the cursor would jump all over the place and others where they specifically warned against using Grammarly because it would interfere with how their software would work. I was quite bummed because I really enjoyed Grammarly and found it to be quite useful. Do you know if they’ve made any improvements in these areas? If they have I’d be glad to join back up.

    1. I’m glad you like it. I haven’t used Grammarly in Chrome and I cannot share any experience. I use it only in FireFox and Safari.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Great post and very informative. I’ve seen Grammarly advertised a lot and thought it looked ok but didn’t realise what it was capable of.

    I think the option you talked about with setting goals based on Audience, Intent, Style etc. is a fantastic feature and I didn’t even realise it had that feature.

    I also think the section about Plagiarism is a fantastic addition. It’s so important that our content is unique and it’s also great for SEO and page rankings. Nobody wants to see duplicated posts.

    You have certainly opened my eyes to Grammarly, so much so that I’m going to download the free version tonight and give it a go.

    Thanks for the great info.


    1. Hello Mark,

      Thank you, I’m glad you find it useful. Indeed, Grammarly is heavily advertised, but for a good reason. The goals set up will help Grammarly to give you more customized options for your content.

      I don’t publish my content until is verified for plagiarism and indeed, nobody likes to see duplicate content.

      I’m glad that you will download and try the free version.

      You’re welcome.

  4. I love using Grammarly.  I’m currently trying it as a quarterly subscription.  I do plan on going year when my quarterly is up.  But I have no idea how to set it up with my goals.  I can not find that anywhere.  Where can I find this where I can set my goals??Laura

    1. It’s a great decision to upgrade to yearly. The goals option is under the assistant option. Let me know if you managed to set it up.

      Thank you for your comment.

  5. I make use of Grammarly and I cannot tell how much easier writing my has become. I used to make a lot of errors while writing but with Grammarly the number of errors has decreased drastically. But it does seem that just like every other business one gets more feature with the paid plans but the free plan of Grammarly  is also very good

    1. Indeed, you have more features with the paid version and as a start, the free version is good as well. I opt for premium subscription as I write content every day and I want error-free content.

      I also started with the free version, but shortly I upgraded to premium.

      Thank you for your comment.

  6. Hi Danny,

    I like your article. I myself suck at my grammar. I do want to improve but never have thought about using software for it untill i read your article. 

    I think Grammarly would be a great option especially because of the weekly reports.This way u can keep on improving yourself.

    I want to start with the free option first to see if i like it and then i would choose the annual one because if u look at it in the long run then it is way cheaper and affordable to me.

    I can spare $11,- p/m as a investment in my English grammar.I love the handbook as wel. This way i can keep improving and learning.

    The other things i like about grammarly is that it has punctuation, mechanics, techniques, and style.In the beginning it is best for me to take it slow and not rush into many things at the same time.

    But i know, the more i learn, the better i get with slow steps.

    Thank u telling is about this great software.I hope many more people wil read this and wil improve their English as wel.

    Much Gratitude,Dahay

    1. Hello Dahay,

      I’m glad you find it useful. Grammarly is indeed a great tool, and it’s a wise decision to start with the free version, get used with it. I agree, I also opt for the yearly subscription as it gets the best money value.

      I find the handbook full with useful tips on how to improve our writing. Since I use Grammarly I can see how my writings skills improved and as you mentioned, the weekly report is handy to track your improvement.

      You’re welcome, and I do hope that Grammarly will help many others with their writing.

  7. I love Grammarly. Use it daily.

    I’ve been using Grammarly for only a few months now and I think it’s fantastic.

    I’ve checked nearly all the articles on my website and it found loads of mistakes, both spelling and punctuation mistakes.

    My problem is that I’m not fantastic when it comes to punctuation. This is why this program is superb and I’m so happy that I stumbled across it

    Grammarly is extremely important to me. Not to replace a professional editor, but to make sure whatever I submit to one is as error-free as possible.

    Have a nice day,


    1. I’m also using it daily, and indeed it’s a great and helpful tool. It will help you to get error-free content, and your content will look more professional.

      Thank you for your comment and have a nice day as well.

  8. Thanks, Dany, for this review of Grammarly.

    I have used the free version of Grammarly before and never did purchase the Premium.

    I resorted to other grammar checkers and an online dictionary when I needed it. 

    After reading this review, I believe that it may be time to revisit this option. Since I write every day as well, its time to invest in a more professional model. 

    Are there any other similar apps online? 

    How long have you been using the Premium version? 

    The Human Proofreader is an interesting option, but it does seem rather pricy for struggling writers.


    1. You’re welcome. To be honest, since I use Grammarly, which little over a year, I cannot imagine working without it. There are other similar solutions available on the internet.

      Yes, the proofreading option is pricy, but it’s there if you ever think to use it.

      Thank you for your comment.

  9. Grammarly is a very important application for every blogger to succeeds. In fact a lot of second users of English Language will find this app very useful. When your write up is full grammatical errors and no proper paragraphing and punctuation then the whole article may look very disorganized. Spelling is another issue that many are struggling with. And thanks to grammarly which covers this. I think im  going to try out the free package of grammarly to see how it can help. I can go any extend to invest in my writing.. 

    Thanks for this info

    1. I agree, now  I cannot imagine writing a piece of content without Grammarly. And yes, for the users with the English as a second language, the tool is very useful. All the grammar, spelling, style mistakes will be corrected by Grammarly.

      I also have started with the FREE version but after a while, I upgraded to Premium as it offers more suggestions.

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you find it useful and thank you for your comment.

  10. I have not tested or reviewed this gramarly app  for the first time but I think I like it from the descriptions you gave about it on this article. I have been thinking of how am going to cope with writing an article since I joined wealthy affiliates but I’m so happy I came across this very article.  and I hopefully believe that my writing skills will definitely improve.The part that interests me so much is  how grammarly corrects incorrect use of words.  Now my question is, for one to join the premium, how much will it cost?

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you find it useful. Using Grammarly will help you tremendously, and you will see that you could not imagine writing without it. Yes, the tool will correct your incorrect words. There is always a FREE version to use, but I upgraded to Premium as some suggestions were not available on the FREE version. You can opt for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, depends on your budget availability. I opt for a yearly subscription as I find it the best deal.

      Thank you for your comment.

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