Learn How To Make Money With YouTube Channel, The Passive Income Machine

There are many ways to make money online, and YouTube is one of them. Let’s learn how to make money with YouTube channel.

Probably many of you know that ads bring money from YouTube, but it’s not the only option. If you think that if you upload a video, the money will pour into your account, brace yourself, there is more to do. Some setups are required.

Table of Contents
1.Create a Gmail account
2. Create an YouTube channel
3. What’s next?
4. What content shall I upload?
5. Create a video
6. I need viewers
7. Conclusion

Create A Gmail Account

Having a Gmail account will connect you with other Google products such as Google+, YouTube (YES, YouTube is a Google product) and so on. For your business purposes, it’s advisable to create a separate account from your personal one. The business account will represent what your business will do. For example, if you will create video tutorials about affiliate marketing, your YouTube account should have an appropriate name. Keep personal and business accounts as two separate identities.

Gmail account
Create a business account

Create An YouTube Channel

As I mentioned in the previous step, your YouTube channel should match the uploaded content with the account’s name. Do all the necessary settings and add keywords for SEO. To make your channel visible to in search results similar to your content, add words and tags. Example: ‘affiliate’, ‘marketing’.

It’s not enough to add some video content on your YouTube channel, you need traffic, that means subscribers. How do you get them? We’ll see a bit further down. Your content should be relevant to the niche selected, and it’s crucial to upload new content with regularity.

I Uploaded Content. What’s Next?

You regularly upload new content, your videos start having viewers but keep in mind that from all the viewers only a small percentage will subscribe and share your content on social media.

Don’t neglect your audience, reply to all the comments, stay connected with them and they will learn to know and trust you. This behavior will lead to more followers, your exposure will increase and possible business partners to get in touch with you. You might ask ‘Why?’, simple the advertisers are willing to pay for a small space in your content, and the more viewers you have their ads will have higher exposure.

I mentioned at the begging of the article that ads are not the only way to make money and indeed, it’s not. Let’s continue, shall we?

Video production
Creating a video

As I said, the money will not come after you uploaded a new video because it is by default a non-monetizing content. This means that you have to do some small changes to your YouTube account and enable the monetization option.

Are you familiar with Google Analytics? Well, YouTube has something similar, and I’m saying that because you can monitor how is your content doing in terms of views, clicks, likes, shares, which content has the most view, likes and so on. What you have to do next, is to use this data and attract the right audience.

What Content Shall I Upload?

Higher views mean higher earnings, right? Don’t jump and start creating over complicated and sophisticated videos, if you have the skills. Don’t pay to create a flashy video. You have a long journey ahead to create your passive income. You will lose all your energy in creating, probably, videos that will have few viewers. Keep in mind your goal: as many as possible viewers.

One of the easiest videos to produce are the tutorial videos. We all have skills and bobbies, why not to share the knowledge in a tutorial video? You can create a tutorial video about everything: music, computers, makeup, and the list is endless.

You can easily create videos targeting specific categories, like beginners, intermediates, and experts. The videos for beginners will be different compared with the ones for experts. The beginners’ tutorials will be introductory into the problem to solve, in fact, it will address the problem. The videos should be specific and oriented to the viewer’s problem.

Another type of content to create is the documentary videos type. You have to have the specific knowledge and background on the subject; otherwise, you risk to drive away your audience. Compared with the tutorial videos, the documentary type is a bit longer as time.

Documentary videos for YouTube channel
Create documentary videos

Video blogs also known as vlogs are the videos were you can talk about everything, like travels, personal experience, and reviews. These type of videos are very easy to create and can reach a quite high number of views. An important aspect is that vlogs are not niche orientated so make them sensational and attract an audience. Make them short, and you know why? Remember, vlogs are video blogs, and in a blog, you read easier a short paragraphs, right?

The video types which I just described are the ones I like, but there are many other types you can create, like entertainment videos (baseball tricks, pranks), interviews and so on.

Create A Video

Now, let’s produce some videos. By now, you know what type of video content you want to create. The most used method is filming and then recording. We, humans, are visual by nature, so visual content is more likely to attract more viewers, so let’s show more not only tell.

Add special effects to your videos. I know what are you thinking about it, but no, you will not create Star Trek videos. It’s enough to add some sound effects or funny icons. Keep in mind to align the effect with the image in order to create a perfect match and don’t forget to add the amusement value.

Add subtitles when necessary. If your channel is connected with your blog, you can add video annotations which will drive the viewers to your blog.

SEO for videos

As in any blog content, the videos need optimization. How to do this? Simple, by adding proper tags to your video, when viewers search content, your video will be displayed in the search results. When creating videos, do your research before, search what people are looking for, research the specific keywords and produce the videos with this in mind.

Add a detail description to a video and give the video a relevant name before uploading to YouTube.

I Need Viewers, What Do I Do?

Social media is your number one answer, namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You need a good and catchy title if you want users to click and view your video. Titles like ” will make a user click because it will stir their curiosity and don’t forget the hashtags.

Another method is the embedded videos. By embedding a video on your blog, the people will watch the video from there without having to visit YouTube channel. Just copy the video embed code from YouTube and paste the code in your web page source code along with a proper description of the video when embedding it in your blog.

Share your videos in forums. You know what the scope of the forums is, so do not try to promote your video but share instead. Get active in the forums, not only add comments to ‘share’ your videos.


Creating a YouTube video, it’s an easy task. Keep your business account separate from your personal account and add content based on your niche. You can create various types of videos like tutorial videos, documentary videos or vlogs. Add special effects and don’t forget the amusement value. Like all the blog contents, your video content needs optimization, so don’t forget it. The last and the most critical step is to drive traffic to your videos, so social media is your best friend. Share your videos in forums and be active there and use the power of embed videos.

Here you have, now, are you ready to create your first video? Happy to hear your thoughts.


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