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All of us are concerned with having money and never have headaches when it’s about paying bills, rent or purchasing small things which makes us happy.

You would be happy to hear that there are methods to earn money without any capital investment and you can make money online from home.

All you need is a computer and internet connection. Sounds good?

OK, OK, maybe you will think ‘Oh my, another blog post about making money online’. Yes, I agree, there are tons of websites, articles, videos, and books about this subject.

But, how many methods have you tried? Which one generated money? How fast, how slow? Were all the methods legit? How many methods were scams?

Can I ask you to give a couple of minutes from your time and continue reading? Some of the methods you will find as known, but I have something different.

I think nowadays is easier than ever to make money online. Keep in mind that nobody can guarantee that you will get rich overnight, and there are no guidelines to teach step by step how to do it or ready-made systems, but some earnings can come up.

There is no secret, but behind each earning there are some factors which trigger it like how much time do you spend, which method do you use.

I will talk about 5 ways to earn without capital investment.

Earn Doing Online Surveys

No difficulty, it requires some of your time, and you can see earnings using this method.

No everybody is open to this option, I understand this. I know happy cases and sad cases using this method.

Earn with online surveys

There are many online surveys out there, but you have to choose wisely.

There are many online surveys out there, but you have to choose wisely. Personally, I haven’t used this method.

What you have to know is that most of the platforms work with PayPal and you have to have one PayPal account for payments.

Value your time. If you think that you can give some of it to participate in surveys, do it; otherwise, this method is not for you.

Earn With YouTube

This method implies to turn your passion into profit by creating videos. There is only one rule: the videos will generate money if they get a sufficient number of views.

The steps are very easy and straightforward. Start by setting up a channel on YouTube and create video content. Upload the content into your YouTube account and start to gain an audience.

But you will wonder when the money is coming in the picture? You have to enable monetization in the Video Manager as simple as that.

Now, you have set up the channel, upload content and enable the monetization, but still, you are not entitled to get payments.

There is one more aspect that you have to work on: acquire 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watched videos.

Earn with YouTube

Make money online with YouTube

You have to create quality content and regularly upload that makes people subscribe, return and keep them to your channel.

OK, all is set up, but you want to attract people to your channel. Don’t just upload your videos on YouTube and wait for an audience, start promoting the videos in your website, if you do not have one, check my post how to create a website with WordPress in minutes, spread the word in social media.

The more views, the better.

Another way to monetize is to become a YouTube partner. The preconditions are 15.000 watched hours for your channel in the last 90 days.

Using this option, you have to dedicate a bit more of your time, but keep in mind your goal and start working towards achieving it.

Setup Google AdSense

I think this method is very easy and simple. With Google AdSense, you display ads in your website and earn money each time someone clicks on an ad.

I will not detail the method in depth, but I’ll give you some hints.

You can set up Google AdSense for free.

Earn online with Google AdSense

Make money online with Google AdSense

Next step is to influence which ads are displayed on your website. The ads are displayed based on your content and the keywords used.

You can easily customize the ads in your Google AdSense account and insert them into content.

I use Google AdSense, and I earn with this method. It depends on where you place the ads. Inside your account, you can configure the place to display the ads.

The last thing you have to do it to test your ads. What I mean is place the ad(s) in different zones of your website and check which announcement generated the more clicks.

Earn With Facebook

Another solution is to make money with Facebook. There are different options to do this. An easy translation will be ‘sell products on Facebook’. This method requires more time, but it’s not difficult.

All you have to do is to place ads and banners into your Facebook page, and the money will come from the number of likes and openings of these ads and banners.

You can earn with this method but depends on how much time do you dedicate to it.

If your page doesn’t have followers, you should think to work on this aspect.

As you probably know by now, the solution to make money online with social media and not limited to this is creating quality and engaging content.

Earn with Facebook
Make money online with Facebook

For Facebook, this means creating content every day, adding images and links.

If you are passionate about something, write about it. This is your niche. If you do not have hobbies, which I doubt, find a niche and write about it.

For example, if you like drones create quality and engaging content and post in your Facebook account. By the way, I like drones, and I think there are many interested in finding useful info.

Now, to make money, you need affiliate programs links. You have to have an account as an affiliate with a program and add the affiliate links in your content.

Search for affiliate programs for drones and create an account with the selected program.

The next step is to promote your content, attract visitors and convert them to click on your links. From here there is only one step to generate a sell – a simple click.

I advise you to create a separate Facebook account from your personal account. Funny enough, I didn’t have a Facebook account until I start my affiliate marketing business.

You can sell almost anything on Facebook what you can buy in a supermarket. Some things cannot be sell like alcohol, animals, etc.

Another method is to join the sell and buy groups on Facebook. Just join the local groups because if you want to sell your old bike, the ad should be in your local area not on the other corner of the planet.

If you cannot find a group where to sell your products, create your own group.

Affiliate Marketing

This method became very popular among website owners and companies which manage to attract clients through affiliate marketing.

If you want to take this path, I really encourage you to apply my #1 Recommendation.

The difficulty of this method is higher compared with the online surveys, but the earning could be higher as well. All depends on your time and dedication.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, making money online is accessible to a broad audience than before. You need a computer, internet connection and time to invest.

In today’s article you saw 5 common methods to earn online: online surveys, YouTube, Facebook, Google AdSense, and Affiliate Marketing.

All 5 method can generate money, but you have to invest time and dedication to get results.

If you want a long-lasting income, I can recommend Affiliate Marketing method.

Which method will you apply?

I would be happy to leave a comment about the selected method and why you chose it. Happy to hear your thoughts.



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